Frequently Asked Questions!

When is your kitchen open until?

-Kitchen closes 15 minutes prior to restaurant closing time

Do you take reservations?

-Nope, it is first come first serve (we only have 8 tables)

Do you have Liquor?

-No Hard booze, but we have wonderful Local beers and wine. Our space limits this as an option, We might reconsider in the future if we ever expand.

Do you carry Gluten Free Bread?

-Not currently, our small kitchen shares many common surfaces and are unable to ensure any product is completely gluten free.

Loyalty Card? Tell me more.

-It is a card for our loyal locals (You deserve it!) For every $10 you spend you receive a stamp, once you have received all 10 Stamps you get $10 off. Does not apply to TaX or tip. For any questions, ask your lovely Server.  

What discounts do you offer?

Yes, Even though we do believe that our prices are as low as they can be, we give A 10% discount to specifically Niagara University and Niagara County Community College Students as well as military. In all cases proof of ID must be shown and applies only to the meal for said person. Discount does not apply to alcohol. 

Separate checks?!?

AS stated on our menu it is a restaurant policy that we do not guarantee separate checks. we can do separate payments or split checks equally when we are not at peak hours. We unfortunately cannot move each individual item, our Point of sale system we use here does not allow for it. THat being said we only have the one register here in our little space, so please be understanding.

How close are you to the falls?

We are about a half mile walking, so about 15 minute trot from our door to the brink of the falls.

Whats the Deal with Large Parties?

We have 6 booths that fit 4 people, 2 high top tables that sit 2 people each and a bar with 5 stools. That being said if you are a party that has more than 4 it can get tough to accommodate you properly. If your party is over 4 I would call, the wait time can get pretty long during peak days and hours. We typically don't accept walk-ins of over 10. Our extremely small kitchen cannot handle a table or party larger than that properly. 

Take out? To GO menus?

Our menu changes often based on what our customers ask us for.  we will always have our menu here on the website and all of our other social media platforms. As for take out you are more than welcome. During peak hours please be understanding. As a small establishment that reaches full capacity very quickly our kitchen does its best to make homemade food as fast as it can. We will always choose quality over quantity. 


WE are subject to add gratuity on parties of 5 or larger. It is also stated on our menu in the restaurant.

Last but not least, Parking?

There is a very large parking lot to your left when you pull in, right where our entrance is, that is for you! It is FREE!! When pulling in just tell the person at the booth (if Any) that you are dining with us and they will let you right by for free. The spots available in the lot are limited, so just like our seating it is first come first serve!